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30 teams, 12 hours and 1 of the oldest outdoor velodrome tracks in the UK. Get your road bikes at the ready for our outdoor track endurance challenge, Cyclone24 Twelve Hour.

The 405m track, located in the heart of Carmarthen, first opened in 1900 and became a mecca for cycling competitions in West Wales during the early part of the twentieth century, with cycling races attracting thousands of spectators and professional competitors from all over the United Kingdom. Now it’s your turn to ride on this iconic track.

Cyclone24 Twelve Hour is a four person team challenge, a 12 hour relay to see who can cover the furthest distance in the 12 hour time frame riding from 9am to 9pm.

Please note: this challenge is on road bikes. No fixed wheel bikes please.

Prizes are awarded for the teams who cover the furthest distance; Male team, Female Team, Mixed Team & Vets Team (40+)

Team entry is £200 for a team of 4.

To enter your team simply complete and return a registration form along with your team payment of £200.


Event Preparation

This event is designed for all abilities, from complete beginners to accomplished cyclist. It’s perfectly achievable for the average person to take part in this event, but in order to maximize your enjoyment we do recommend some training.

Health & Safety

The safety of the riders on the track during the challenge is paramount. Track rules and protocols will be made clear prior to the challenge, during the challenge briefing, and track coaches will be on site throughout the event. Track coach instruction is to be followed at all times, repeated failure to adhere to this instruction will result in removal from the track and from the event as a whole.


• No more than 1 rider from each team on the track at any one time
• No rider to ride consecutively for longer than 1 hour
• All riders to follow track rules and protocols
• No fixed wheel bikes for this challenge
• Shoulders must be covered
• Helmets and gloves must be worn
• All bikes must be clean, in good working order and safe for use

• Finishers Medals
• Electronic Lap Counter Chips
• Free Parking
• Pre Event Rider Pack
• On site facilities, changing rooms, showers, toilets
• Free entry for spectators, family & friends
• Trophies for the teams who cover the furthest distance; male team, female team and mixed team & vets team.


terms & conditions

The following terms and conditions have been written to ensure we can support our challenge participants in the best possible way. The Terms and Conditions detailed below apply to all entrants participating in any event organised and operated by Cyclone24 UK. Completion of a registration form or purchase of an entry by (or on behalf of) the participant acknowledges acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

1. You must be a minimum of 16 years of age on the challenge day to participate in this event.

2. The team fee for Cyclone24 Twelve Hour is £200 per team of 4.

3. All entry fees are non-refundable. Entries may not be deferred toward any future events.

4. Rider/Team changes: We are very flexible with the registration of rider names and these can be added or amended without charge at any time up until 6 weeks prior to the challenge. If you need to amend any rider details after this stage an administration fee of £25 will be charged to cover costs incurred. Should any riders drop out of your team it is your duty to replace these riders or ride the challenge as a smaller team. Cyclone24 cannot reimburse any monies for riders who fail to turn up on the day or who drop out from your team.

6. Charity Fundraising: We would like to encourage all riders to fundraise  for charity, this can be any charity large or small, local or national, community project or school.

7. Participants must be fit to cycle and free from injury.  If you have any doubts about your ability to take part including without limitation having pre-existing medical conditions you should contact your doctor to seek advice. It is the responsibility of the participant to inform the event organiser of any change in health, or medical condition which may affect their participation. By entering the event you acknowledge it is a test of your physical stamina and your capacity to complete the challenge.

As soon as Cyclone24 start to organise our challenge we incur costs. The entry fees we receive are invested into staging the challenge. Cyclone24 requires a considerable amount of planning and expense and our withdrawal policy reflects this.

8. Participating teams will be able to transfer their entry to another team up to six weeks before the event.

9. Entries cannot be deferred to the following year nor to any other event.

10. Any team who fails to arrive on the day will be assumed withdrawn from the challenge and will not be eligible to a refund of any kind. Please note we are unable to make exceptions for illness or injury.

11. Every participant shall carefully study the rider manual.

12. Cyclone24 Twelve Hour is not a race and shouldn’t be considered as such.

Collection & Use of Data
1. Any images, audio or quotes taken regarding the challenge may be used by the organisers to publicise and promote Cyclone24. If you do not wish your photos, video, audio and quotes to be used you must inform us in writing by email or post.

2. In participating in Cyclone24 you agree to your contact details being used by the challenge organisers and sponsors for the purposes of; Promotion and marketing of the event including Cyclone24 monthly e-updates; Being added to the Cyclone24 mailing list for future events; Promotional & marketing material of related products & services from challenge sponsors and official charity partners.

3. Email Communication: Cyclone24 will primarily use email to communicate with its participants. By entering the challenge you agree to receive these emails which will include challenge specific updates, training notes and nutritional information. Should you not wish to receive these emails please let us know.

Cancellation, Amendments & Disqualification
4. Challenge Changes/Cancellation: Cyclone24 reserves the right to amend the challenge format, timings, duration or cancel the challenge due to circumstances beyond reasonable control or for any safety related reason. Participants will be informed if any such changes are made. If the event format is changed the participating team will not be entitled to any refund and no liability can be taken.

5. In the interest of safety, Cyclone24 reserves the right to delay, cancel, or suspend the ride due to extreme inclement weather or a major incident on or near the event location. In these circumstances no refunds will be issued and each team entry will be automatically moved to the rescheduled date.

6. Removal of Participants: Cyclone24 reserves the right to remove and exclude any participant from the challenge, should the organiser or track coach consider such action necessary for safety reasons or if the participant has acted negligently, with wilful misconduct or without due care and attention for the challenge rules.


1. Participating teams understand and agree that they take part in the challenge at their own risk.

2. Participating teams acknowledge that personal accident and personal items insurance is their own responsibility that no responsibility whatsoever, shall attach to the sponsors, partners, challenge organisers or any person involved with the challenge, for any injury, accidents, loss or damage suffered however such may be caused.

3. Cyclone24 will not be liable for any actions of any spectators or third parties not involved with the event.