Corporate Wellbeing – Are You Business Fit?

Published on September 5th, 2017

UK companies are now doing more than ever before for the wellbeing of their employees. According to the recent report ‘Employee Wellbeing Research 2017’, 45% of companies have a wellbeing strategy in place, which is a 15% increase from 2016.

There is also a noticeable increase in the number of corporate teams taking part in mass participation endurance events. Replacing long boozy sessions at the 19th hole, companies are instead embracing lycra and training for running, cycling, swimming, triathlon and obstacle events.

An inspiring corporate challenge can be at the centre of an effective employee wellness program. It’s a proven method to promote health and wellness amongst your staff. Showing your team that you care about their fitness levels is a great way to boost morale. It demonstrates to your employees and colleagues that their health and wellbeing is important to the company they work for – the positive benefits of which can hardly be understated.

Cyclone24 isn’t a race. It’s a challenge with team work and team spirit at the very heart of it, below are some of the ways it can help your business.

Employee Engagement
Cyclone24 is about shared endeavour, it’s for everyone from millennials up to the CEO and partners. It’s a challenge, not a race, so it’s not about winning, it’s about working together to achieve a shared goal. We believe that creating a strong bond between team members leads to more a collaborative environment that puts the focus on creativity, productivity, and communication across departments and business units. With the cost of entering a team much lower than organising a staff away day, we often find business enter more than one team.

Corporate Well Being
Wellness programs are being implemented across the country in both large and small companies, and the results are positively impacting the bottom line. Good programmes can encourage awareness of health related issues, improve morale, and reduce the cost of sick days off work. What’s more, training for a team challenge encourages staff to train together, which in turn promotes a more active lifestyle overall.

Charitable Fundraising & Corporate Social Responsibility
Fundraising is such a competitive market place that people are now looking for quirkier and more unique, extreme endurance challenges in order to stand out and raise serious amounts for their chosen charity. The boundaries of what’s considered “extraordinary” are shifting to ever more challenging extremes. It seems that running a 10k or two is no longer enough if you want to raise serious cash. We are now going crazy for unique endurance events that used to be the preserve of athletes and ironmen and women.

Sponsorship – Engage with our Audience
When 144 riders descend upon the velodrome track it is somewhat of a spectacle. 42 degree banking, fixed gear bikes and no brakes. By becoming a part of this exciting and unique challenge, you will gain significant and sustained brand exposure along with the opportunity of engaging directly with our participants. You will also be supporting local charities, to date Cyclone24 has generated over £75,000 a figure which we hope to double in 2018.
Sponsorship of our challenges can include;
• Your company featured on our web site
• Your company featured in our pre-event social media posts
• Content and offers added to our monthly mailers to all participants
• Engagement & promotion of your products to our audience
• Attendance at pre event track training days and corporate ride outs
• Naming rights and presentation of medals
• Event day banners and promotional stands
• Pre & post event media coverage

If your company wants to develop and encourage a productive, focused, energetic, happy, healthy and cohesive team whilst promoting a positive brand image please get in touch about our 2018 events.