Why you should try the Velodrome!

Published on June 12th, 2017

Do you live near an indoor velodrome but have never ridden on one? Not everybody is lucky enough to live close to one, but, if you do, and you haven’t yet tried it, it’s time to shake off your inhibitions and get down for a taster session.

If you’re not familiar with a velodrome, it’s a banked cycling track, 250 meters with a 42 degree banking in the corners. That’s 250 meters of pure fun and excitement. If you like rollercoasters, the track will interest you.

For most beginners, the thought of riding on a velodrome is an intimidating prospect. It’s hard to imagine the bike won’t slide right down it. Add to that the fact that track bikes have no brakes and some people start thinking twice about giving it a try.

A few laps in, however, and you’ll become more comfortable and soon you’ll be flying.

For those who ride the road, track cycling improves your power, speed, and bike handling skills tenfold.

Learning to control your speed, anticipate changes and speed up or slow down without destroying the rhythm of the bunch is an art form and it will help you elsewhere.

Track cycling is an exciting and addictive way to boost your fitness, bike-handling skills and sportive performances. It’s non-scary, exhilarating and incredibly fun.

If you’re looking for your next challenge, looking for a unique way to fundraise for your chosen charity or would simply like to experience riding the velodrome track as part of a team building exercise, please get in touch. We have challenges in Manchester, Newport and Derby and we can organise private taster sessions to.

You don’t need to be serious about track cycling to have a go – you can just enjoy the ride. What are you waiting for?